Where You Should Be & Door Knocking

No ContactHave you ever wondered if where you are is where you should be?

I mean, we can wonder about everything we do and the decisions we make as it relates to us and the truth is we’ll probably never know for sure if we’ve got it all exactly right. So if we weren’t where we are now, where else would we be? What would we do? Who would be in our lives? What would life look like?

We all have times when we question our direction. Yet if we are spiritual (and that is certainly different for everyone) have faith in that spirituality and are moving forward by living life in a way we feel good about, we’re most definitely on a positive path.

If I were homeless, with no means of support, no friends or family near by—I would have serious doubts about whether or not I was in the right place. In fact I’d make a point of doing whatever I could to change my situation by coming up with a plan and working on it daily.

There have been times in my life when I’ve faced setbacks and have struggled economically, emotionally, and spiritually. Each time has been frustrating primarily because I didn’t know for sure if the smart move was to stay on the current path or choose a different one.

Sometimes we are fearful or uncertain no matter what we do so the goal becomes to move forward daily day by gathering information setting goals and eventually getting our nerve up to knock on a few doors. We might get to the first one and it slams shut. That’s okay, we just try another one. If we get the same result we continue to try again and again and again.

Some decide it’s too discouraging so abandon knocking on any more doors. Others keep trudging on. Not giving up is the American way, right? Sure staying the course despite rejection builds character yet at some point it’s a good idea to step back and consider whether it’s possible we’re trying to open the wrong doors.

Have you ever heard this quote?

You can spend your precious energy beating down closed doors, or you can choose the doors that open when you knock.

You still have to knock and make the first move but knocking on the wrong doors is a waste of time. Of course we don’t always know ahead of time which doors are the wrong ones but if I were to knock on twenty doors and met with frustration, cold shoulders, a sinking/uneasy feeling, and ultimately rejection—I can be reasonably sure I’m knocking on the wrong doors.

On the other hand, if I feel strongly that the doors I’m opening really are the right ones I need to find out what I can do increase my chances for success. Say I have my heart set on working in a bank but each bank door slams in my face. I need to find out why. Maybe I don’t have enough experience or there’s another issue. Ask questions and get answers.

In terms of new relationships, to a certain extent, knocking on the wrong doors is part of the process. We need to knock on enough doors to increase our odds for success. The trick then is to spend less time inside when we come to the wrong one. Spending an hour or a few days hanging around the wrong door is definitely better than wasting a month a year or a lifetime.

So we have to learn how to shut wrong doors sooner by paying attention to and following our gut instincts once we’re inside.

If I’m spending much of my time convincing persuading and selling myself once inside a door, it’s a lot of  work. If I’m waiting for time attention interest  or being completely ignored, I’ve opened the wrong door.

So focus on choosing the right doors in life—the ones that lead you into warm inviting and nurturing places. There are doors designed for us to walk through.

The goal is to stop beating on the wrong ones and instead find our way to the right ones. Trust your instincts and pay attention

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