Too Old? No Way!

I often hear people say they’re too old. They feel they’re too old to go to school, learn a new skill, find a job, or be in a great relationship. About fifty per cent of the time, these people are younger than me so I think if you’re too old—what am I?

Why are people so insistent on putting themselves out to pasture when they’ve still got life to live? I know of some elderly people who are older—late eighties and nineties who don’t think this way. In fact, these people are energizing, inspiring, interested in life, busy, and productive! I’ve never heard “too old” come out of their mouths.

So why are some younger people too old while some older people are youthful? Maybe it has to do with fear. They could be afraid to try something new so use their age (I’ve heard “too old” from a thirty one year old) as an excuse to stay put.

Sure, there are things that have age limitations. Say you want to be an Olympic gymnast at age twenty five having never stepped foot in a gym. If that is your hope, you may need to come up with an alternative goal. However, aside from physical limits or age specific and other requirements for certain opportunities, there are options available to you; look for them.

As you already know, you’re not too old unless you think you are and if you think you are, no matter what your age might be, think again. If you desire a new path, seek information—explore your options.

If you seek a relationship and you feel you’re too old others will pick up on that mindset. Sure, there are men and women hung up on age. If you find one of these types, move past them. Your vitality wisdom and experience are desirable. Seek those who respect and appreciate you for who and where you are right now.

Forget self-limitations; why bother with them? Explore, create, seek, and find—just don’t give up! If a door closes, find another door. Your positive attitude is your ticket to success. People will pick up on the little things that slip into your conversations with them. If you believe you’re too old, others will too! You’re not done unless you think you are. Find out about, look into, explore, develop, create, and relate toward the life you want. Too old—never! It’s all in what you choose to believe.

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