Ten Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

If you’re not sure what to do maybe the following will help. Whatever you do if you plan on celebrating, have fun and enjoy the day!

Valentine’s Day cards aren’t just for school kids. Make or buy your own and send to friends and family.

Send yourself a beautiful Valentine’s card. Go all out and get a great one then mail it to you!

Buy yourself some roses or a bouquet of your favorites.

Invite family and friends over for a special potluck or make a special meal for your loved one with their favorite foods.

Go out to a favorite spot with a special valentine or with a friend.

Schedule a massage or give a massage to your loved one.

Arrange for a manicure or pedicure or both for yourself and a friend.

Make some Valentine’s cookies to share with friends.

Go hot tubbing or rent an inflatable hot tub to use in your back yard.

Create a memory box for your loved one by writing your favorite memories on pieces of paper. They’ll have a great time reading them.

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