Redefining Your Life through New Relationships?

Before finding a new relationship partner, get a good handle on who you are. If someone asks you who you are, what do you say? I’m a mom, a teacher, I live in Montana. If your answer is about what you do or where you live, you’re defining your role or function rather than who you are. Trying to figure out who you are while getting to know a new relationship partner, is the equivalent of attempting to climb Mt Everest wearing ballet slippers.

It doesn’t work! You spend lots of time backsliding while trying as hard as you can to climb up a slippery slope. You want to make an impression, want to appear self-confident but all the while you’re thinking about things you wished you had considered first rather than after the fact.

You’re not well equipped and may also realize quickly you’re in over your head.

If you’ve recently left a relationship, keep cool and calm and stay focused on you. You’ll be amazed at what you discover. Absolutely amazed, guaranteed.

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  1. Jamie Forget says:

    Enjoyed this article. Keep on writing. I’m a fan.