Positive Steps to Stop Anxiety

Anxiety not only upsets our lives it can keep us from maintaining healthy relationships. Please read on for some tips on keeping anxiety at bay.

Think Positive to Stop Anxiety

There are many methods on how to stop anxiety. Some of them are

useful for some people and others may have a difficult time

utilizing them. For the most part, stopping anxiety is really a

state of mind, since it is our thoughts that push us over the

edge in the first place, and not the particular event itself

that is happening. So the obvious first step is to get control

over negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are often the root

cause of anxiety in our lives. It is basically worrying about

past or future events. If you stay in the present, there is not

much to worry about.

How to Stop Anxiety through Breathing

Another simple technique that can be used is learning to

control breathing. Breathing properly may help to stop anxiety

from happening. Taking slow, deep breaths and making sure that

your stomach rises and falls is the proper method of breathing.

When you breathe shallow breaths it is usually your chest that

rises and falls, and this means you are not taking in enough air

in your lungs, and thus depriving yourself of needed oxygen.

Educate Yourself to Learn How to Stop Anxiety

When you get knowledge about a certain condition, it usually

helps you to understand it better. By understanding anxiety and

what causes it, this will help to stop anxiety from taking over

your life. You should research anxiety in books, magazines, and

on the Internet. Talk to people who have anxiety and ask them

questions about how they deal with it, what they do when they

feel an anxiety attack happening, and what is the best

techniques that they use to control anxiety. By becoming well

informed about anxiety, this will help to lessen the mystery

that surrounds the condition.

Moderate Exercise to Stop Anxiety

Exercise is another method that can be used to stop anxiety.

When you are feeling anxious and feel that you have a lot of

nervous energy, take a walk, or work out at home or at the gym.

Exercise helps the body in a number of ways to reduce stress and

tension that has built up. If you exercise on a regular basis,

you may find that the symptoms of your anxiety will decrease in

intensity and number.

How to Stop Anxiety through Healthy Eating

Sometimes anxiety can be a physical reaction to something that

we are lacking. Blood sugar plays a role in how anxiety affects

us. It may seem like such a simple thing, but if you do not eat

properly and when you need to, blood sugar can drop, causing us

to feel nervous, irritable and anxious. If you know you are

going to be in a situation where you must go without food for an

extended period, make sure that you take along a snack and

something to drink just in case you need it.

Sometimes it is simple techniques that can help us to stop

anxiety and live a healthy and well balanced life. But you

should also consult with your doctor or other health care

professional about your anxiety. There may be a medical reason

why it is happening, and you need to be checked for underlying


About the author:

Jason is an avid health activist and ex-panic and anxiety

sufferer. You can learn <a


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