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You are the Prize

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

You are the prize.

Think it and feel it. You have such value–know it, believe it, you are it!

You must believe this and live it because in order to share love with another person you must radiate love and give it to yourself unconditionally.

Wendy Griffth wrote the book: You are a Prize to be Won

Whether you are Christian or not this video is well worth viewing.

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Square in the Eye

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Look doubt square in the eye the second it enters and think about the very best possible outcome.

The person you fear, the situation you fear, feel the strength you have within you.

When you think:

I’m not enough

Remember in the self belief you have.

You are not alone.

You have your faith and your belief in yourself.

That combination is stronger than anything that could come up against you.

You will always come home to you and that is a wonderful place to be.

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If Someone Tells You…

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

No ContactIf someone tells you…

That you can’t you can.

That you won’t; you will if you are determined.

That you’ll fail, you might but you will get back up if you are determined.

If another person tells you…

You are not good enough; you are absolutely better than good enough as long as you believe with every fiber of your being that you are and the more you believe it and tell yourself you are the more you will start to truly believe it.

If another person comes along and tells you…

That you don’t know what you’re doing; it’s a sure sign that they have no idea what they’re doing and are hoping you’ll believe them so they can feel better about themselves.

If someone else tells you to listen to them because they have your best interests at heart pay very close attention to what your gut tells you about this person.

When you pay too much attention to what those outside yourself are telling you about yourself you are not paying enough attention to what is taking place inside of you and what you are telling you. Be kind and gentle when communicating with you and let yourself know each and every day how much you truly love yourself. To do so is a game changer.MomBadge100x100trans

High Anxiety

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

High anxiety kills relationships.

High anxiety can kill you.

Every day you live in high anxiety is

One less day you fully live.

You render yourself extinct with fear.

Limit your anxiety with any method that works for you.

An anxiety reliever that comes from the actions you take

Rather than from what you ingest is worth its weight in gold.

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To Destress

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

In order to destress, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to do one less thing you feel you must do for something or someone else and give that moment to you.

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Their Way

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Just because he/she wants it their way doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be.

Just because they think you should doesn’t mean you must. No Contact

Just because they think you’re wrong
doesn’t mean they’re right.

Put stock in what you think.

Listen to that voice in your head.
It’s your best bet.

Trust What You Think

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

There are times when we don’t think we are thinking clearly about a variety of things. This may be a result of not making enough choices early in life or because others have regularly questioned the choices we have made.

Our decision making process is unique to us and our situation. It doesn’t make our decision a bad one if another person or ten people wouldn’t make the same choice–it just means our decision is different from what someone else might choose based on multiple factors.

Trust your ability to know what is right for you. It takes practice faith and belief in yourself to do this especially when you’ve been put down and or ridiculed but to move to the life you seek you will need to pull yourself up and out of the mindset that you don’t know what you’re doing or can’t make good choices.

You can but it takes practice. Take it one decision at a time.

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Give Time to Yourself

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

No ContactPurposefully give time to yourself–by yourself. Our days are filled with noise. Noise creates stress that keeps our bodies in a constant state of alert. It is difficult to escape sound however you can make a point taking time out and getting away from it as best you can. Your mind needs the stillness and a break from television, radio, voices etc. Try a nature sounds cd.

The Next Time

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

The next time you’re concerned about what he thinks

Give as much thought as to what you think.

What you think is equally important.

You have to live with each decision you make.

He isn’t impacted in the same way you are.

If you like the dress, the shirt the pants–wear it.

If you feel strongly about preparing a certain meal, do it.

If you want to go to a movie that he isn’t interested in

let him know that you still want to go and go.

Doesn’t mean you’re no fun.

Doesn’t mean you don’t care.

Doesn’t mean anything but that you want to see a certain movie

And he doesn’t want to go.

You are you first and foremost and need to recognize that.

You are you until your last day on earth and you are a

blessing to those who love you just as you are.

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Give Yourself Grace

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

When you show a smile though inside you cry–

Give yourself grace

When your bank accounts low and your bills are high–

Give yourself grace

When dinner is late and the kids are crying–

Give yourself grace

When your mate is brooding and he thinks it’s your fault–

Give yourself grace

We give to others without batting an eye

We fear if we don’t we’ll be left high and dry

When we don’t give ourselves the gift of our grace

We’ll feel completely worn out by the end of the day

Life isn’t easy so don’t beat yourself up

Because when you do it’s a sign you’re giving up–on YOU!

You’re worth your own grace

It’s the one gift you and only you can give to yourself

This post is dedicated to my friend Gail who continues to teach me about giving myself grace.

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