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Saturday, May 26th, 2018

No ContactDo you know a whisperer? I had a conversation not too long ago with a friend who told me she doesn’t like to go into her dentist office even though she thinks the dentist is great because the receptionist staff whispers in the receptionist area.

I shrugged and said they probably need to keep quiet because of patient confidentiality.

She said no, she didn’t think that was it and said she’s observed that after a patient comes into the office to check in and then sits down in the waiting area the reception staff whispers among themselves about the patient.

I got to thinking about this and said you know maybe you should say something to the staff. And she said– she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

So here’s the thing:

Call it what you will but there are people who like to talk about other people period. There are some people who are not so subtle about it and do it no matter whether the person is with in earshot or not. They like it and they do it and that’s just the way it is. You can like it or not like it and it really doesn’t make any difference because they don’t care.

But here is the absolutely beautiful thing about gossip because when it comes right down to it when a person whispers–it is often gossip.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or doesn’t say.

It doesn’t matter who someone else is or isn’t being.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or doesn’t do.

The only thing that you or I or anyone else has any control over is ourselves. We have the amazing opportunity to take care of ourselves and what others do or say or who they are or aren’t has absolutely no bearing on us.

The worry about others is a wasted worry. Staying up at night or waking up at night worrying about what you think someone else is doing or saying or being is not in any way shape or form a matter that should hold you captive.

Others can whisper, shout, or scream and it has nothing to do with us.

Take charge, go out there and be you. You are the only person who can and it is your responsibility to do that. Others will either like it or they won’t and be glad that we all have the freedom to make that choice.

How Do You Know Things?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

How do you know what the right thing is for you to do?

What system do you use?

Do you feel the right thing in your gut? Do you hear it through conversations you have with others? Or do you hear it as a whisper upon awakening from sleep or when you’re in a relaxed state of mind?

Do you have a vision?

Do you get a hunch?

Once you know, what do you do with what you know?

Do you ponder, reflect, or do you act?

It can take me a good long while to know what the best thing is for me to do in a particular situation and once I know I usually give myself some time to savor the sense of relief I feel. I think yes! I get it–finally. My course becomes clear and I move forward.

This doesn’t mean from that point on it’s all smooth sailing but rather I know to stay the course because through all my deliberating I’ve determined the path I want to take.

So once you know, do you move forward with confidence? Do you trust what you know or do you second guess yourself?

Sometimes the easiest path which is more often than not the one with the least resistance, seems like the logical one to take.

But why? Why is easier thought to be better?

Is it because easy doesn’t require that we do harder things? Harder things sometimes make us uncomfortable because we get outside our comfort zone. Harder things are sometimes unsettling because other people in our lives don’t like it especially if these harder things disrupt the way they do things.

The only way we can know our best course of action in anything is to continue working toward resolution. We must challenge ourselves to understand what we don’t by seeking answers which we get by asking questions.

But what if solving a problem isn’t convenient or the timing is off, or there is too much going on at the present time. What happens to the thing we need to figure out?

If you choose to put your question, problem, dilemma on the back burner it’s pretty much a guarantee that the question will stay there with the flame hovering on low until something happens that causes it to ignite. When that happens the thing moves from the back burner to the front. Now you risk getting burned and once burned it’s so much more difficult to heal. In fact sometimes you can become burned to the point where your old self is beyond recognition.

So, how do you know things or perhaps the better question: When you know things do you act or do you push what you know back on the farthest burner until the flame ignites and immediate action is required?