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Staying is Always an Option…So is Leaving

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Below is a link to a story about domestic violence. A situation that didn’t have to happen.

Victims are aware of the danger they put themselves in or potentially put themselves in. They know if domestic violence has occurred one two or more  times it will likely occur again.

Staying is always an option. When a victim stays they know more or less what they will be faced with. They accept that the potential is always there for   severe emotional trauma, physical injury, or death. They choose to stay because they fear leaving more than they fear the potential for continued physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse.

Leaving is also an option.

When a victim decides to leave they face the unknown.

They have to think about how they’re going to leave.

There will be fear–lots of it.

There will be lack of belief in their ability to make it happen but at some point if the decision is made to leave the wheels of motion must begin to roll.

Gathering information is a must.

Seeking out assistance from others is often needed.

Putting together a plan of action is mandatory. Checking it out with law enforcement, a counselor, clergyman or another trusted individual may be in order.

Sure it’s scary. Sure it’s doesn’t feel normal. Sure there is barely enough time and energy to make it through the day let alone—leave.

A better life, a brighter future, and a peaceful existence don’t just happen.

It takes a change.



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Friday, June 4th, 2010

Guard against taking constructive criticism as a personal attack. Healthy criticism helps us grow. Unhealthy criticism on an ongoing basis is debilitating. If you find yourself on the receiving end of ongoing unhealthy criticism you are under attack and need to end it.