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Alternate Reality Living

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

When experiencing alternate reality living you most likely already know something feels off.

You may be trying to make someone else’s reality your own but if you have to try that hard it is unnerving, exhausting, and puts you smack dab in the middle of the wrong place.

Alternate realities come from being enmeshed and lost when in a relationship. We do this because we don’t have a clear view of the way our own reality should look or we are not committed to ourselves as the source for our life.

You have the ability to create your own reality which will in turn match you with others who are clear and confident in who they are and what their reality is. A person who is clear and confident in their own life will have the same expectation of you.

Say that you are with a heavy drinker but that’s not you? You are in a reality that is not a match for you.

Have you experienced a controller who calls all the shots and you find it’s just easier to keep the peace and go along with what they want rather than speak up and express your true wants desires and needs? This is another way we get sucked into the wrong reality…one that is not comfortable or compatible with who we are.

You have choices in either of the above situations but it will require that you speak up and say what it is you want. If you fear speaking up you already have your answer. You’re selling out so that you can continue to stay in a relationship that is not right for you.

Staying in relationships that cause stress and/or heartache are toxic for you and if you continue to stay it will effect you in more and more unhealthy ways as time goes on.

This kind of reality restricts your life. You must conform to the circumstances and learn to live with a heavy weight in your body and soul or do what is necessary to change the circumstances by standing up to your partner and telling them what you need and want and then taking action.

You have the tools to live a wonderful life with people in your life who are a match for you but you have to believe this to be true.
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Toxic People

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

There are toxic people out there who have an aim which is to bother as many others as they can.

If they single you out it is because they see a vulnerability that they feel they can capitalize on.

If you can go above this toxicity and come out stronger because of it you will have done the most you can to maintain your balance and take care of you. You don’t need to tolerate their toxic ways but you do need to stand firm with your boundaries. Toxic people are cunning manipulators and if you can recognize them for who they are without stooping to their level you will be miles ahead.

Some signs of a toxic person:

They’re not nice.

They lie.

They’re surrounded by drama.

They don’t say nice things about other people.

They are evasive.

They’re selfish.

They always need to be right.

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