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Fear After Taking a Leap of Faith…

Monday, July 1st, 2013

No ContactIf you’re considering taking a leap of faith in one area of your life OR if you’ve already done so you may question whether or not you’re just about to screw up your life permanently or already have.

Here’s what I’ve learned after taking a leap nearly a year ago:

Preparation–Prepare as much as you can. Do your homework. In my case I’d spent five years looking at various business opportunities and speaking with what seemed like hundreds of people about their decision to buy this or that business they’d purchased. It’s pretty hard to take any leap without preparation. Talking to others, reading, researching, visiting with those who have taken the same/similar leap can help. So can workshops, seminars, training, whatever you can get your hands on.

Acceptance–No matter what leap you’ve taken or are about to take, you will question whether you did the right thing. Take a deep breath and then let it out slowly. When I bought into the business opportunity I’m currently part of there were problems right off the bat. I was not welcomed with open arms by fellow territory owners and in fact was told that I made a huge mistake by purchasing the territory I purchased. To get through the first three months I saw a counselor. In the beginning I felt panicky with a sinking feeling on a fairly regular basis. With the help of the counselor I realized that there is no perfect business and that the learning curve can be huge. With his help I was able to calm down.

The Fear About Money–This one was huge for me. I was convinced that I would go bankrupt within the first six months or end up homeless at the end of the first year. Neither have happened so far…The thing about money is that money is not the problem. Money is just coins and paper–that’s it. We all have fears about our security yet have no idea how resourceful we truly are until we’re faced with losing our financial resources. If you’re prepared you will not have quite so much to fear when it comes to money. If your leap of faith involves finances have enough savings to live on for the first six months. If you don’t have this; wait until you do.

Maintain Focus–There is plenty to distract us when we’re maneuvering through any transition. Taking a leap of faith requires focus. If you’re not focused the first strong wind will knock you right off your feet. Stay steady, restate your goal, post your goal. Avoid thinking about what others are doing and how you compare to them. Chances are they aren’t and maybe never have experienced what you’re experiencing.

Be Proud of Taking Your Leap–When I look at where I am now and how long I waited to actually jump in with both feet I sometimes can’t believe I actually did it! No matter what happens I’m very proud of myself for having had the courage to get out of my comfort space and take the leap I took. The realization that I’ve made it this far keeps me going and motivates me to want to keep moving forward.


Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, should have.   Unknown