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Sunday, November 26th, 2017

How deserving do you believe you are?

Do you feel that you deserve whatever it is that you want in your life? Do you feel you deserve the good you have in your life?

If you feel that you are deserving but don’t put your deservedness into practice you won’t live your life and show up in your life as the deserving person you are.

Often people feel that they must stage themselves: to be do say and act in specific ways to prove themselves worthy especially as it relates to other people. In fact we often feel pretty darn good about ourselves until we run into another person or a group of people who makes us feel less than who we are.

Sometimes people genuinely don’t think they are deserving and therefore worthy of deservedness because they haven’t done anything spectacular with their life!

Spectacular? What does a person have to do to be considered spectacular?

If we all hold ourselves up to some lofty standard of what constitutes as spectacular we would fail at being the miracle we already are.

The fear of not being worthy damages us beyond measure.

We are deserving–wholly and unequivocally deserving because we exist.

We are deserving. It doesn’t matter what others say to the contrary. You live from the inside out meaning who you are inside is who you are regardless of what other people say do or think.

Other people aren’t in your shoes and have no idea what your circumstances are. Other people who make you feel less than are not deserving of your time and attention. There is no room for that negativity.

Own your deservedness. No one else can own it for you.

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Waiting for a Shooting Star

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Waiting around for an alcoholic to decide they have a drinking problem is like waiting for a shooting star to be within your field of view:

It may happen and if it does it’s spectacular!

Most of the time it only happens for a matter of seconds.

You wait and wait around for it to happen again and if you do your odds are better taking home major winnings after spinning a roulette wheel.

Save yourself time and mental anguish.

Let go and let God handle it. You cannot control the outcome of what any person on earth can do except yourself. (more…)