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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Your current comfort zone might not be all that comfortable but it is familiar. How do you get outside it?

Do one thing different each day. It can be something simple like taking a different route to work, the store, to school—wherever you go daily. If you park in the same spot every day, try a different one. The next day change something else. Try a new cereal for breakfast or try a different place for lunch. If you pack a lunch or eat lunch at home choose something you’ve always wanted to try but still haven’t. If you usually eat lunch alone try eating with a friend occasionally.

Do you write in a journal? If not, why not start one? Each day write a sentence. When you feel ready expand to a second sentence and then another and keep adding to the number you write. Write your sentences about anything.

When you discipline yourself to think creatively about doing one thing differently each day you open up new possibilities.

Is there anything you’ve been mulling over? Why not take the next step in the process? Get more information, make a phone call, request information. Take an action.

Say for example, you want to buy a new camera. I mention a camera because I’ve had conversations with several women who have talked about how much they want to buy one but haven’t yet. I asked each of them why and they all said they’re afraid of choosing the wrong one. They also fear that even if they got the right one they wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use it.

So if you want to buy a new camera you could take these action steps:

1.) Go to an electronics store and view the selection.

2.) Find three brands your curious about.

3.) Investigate these brands. Ask the salesperson for information about each one. You might also check out each brand online or ask a trusted friend or relative what they think.

4.) Give yourself a deadline to make the purchase—a close deadline, preferably within 48 hours. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of buying something we want and have planned for.

5.) Once you’ve bought the camera practice using it over and over. If you have trouble understanding how to get started ask for help. Go back to the store for assistance or ask a technically savvy friend. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. There are often classes or tutorials online. The camera will likely come with instructions and a website or number to call for assistance.

There is always a learning curve when trying new things. It may take a day, week, month, or more but if you stick with it you will gain new knowledge and feel great about yourself as well as the new skill.

When it comes to developing skills as they relate to new relationships it’s the same way. Some of us have been out of touch socially and so can’t expect to just jump into social situations like a pro. Start slowly as you would with learning any new skill. Circulate. The more you incorporate new people and situations into your life the easier it will be.

Be patient with you no matter what change you want to make in your life. Do something small each day to build up to the change. Set target dates. Scan the newspaper, internet, and local community resources. If you find yourself faltering or putting what you want on the back burner—start again. What you need and want is attainable with conscious effort.