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Monday, January 1st, 2018

Living without purpose means living life without an anchor-without roots.

Our roots are planted from inside us and then branch out.

Being firmly rooted from the inside provides structure and awareness of self. Once we are firmly
rooted we will seek out others who are the same.

When we attempt to root our existence by attaching to another person for our security, solidness, and support before firmly attaching to self we become dependent on that other person for our survival.

We are responsible for us.

We develop our sense of self from within.

As children we depended on others for our survival.

As adults we are responsible for ourselves and our own survival.

Root your feet to the ground beneath you and establish your own root system.

You will know your purpose because you are solidly established from within.

Start with You

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Start with you.

There is absolutely nowhere else for your life to start. It all starts inside.You are the only one that can change what is going on.

If you think for one minute that your peace, happiness, security, sense of self, and esteem come from outside yourself, it will not happen.

Other people are not put on earth to bolster, boost, or provide you security. Only you can do that for yourself.

No one else can make things better and even if they could how would that create a better life for you?

You are not a clinging vine hanging on for dear life. Your roots are deep within and need to be nurtured for you to grow and branch out.

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Strong Trees With Deep Roots

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Strong trees with deep roots bend and sway, give and take, with branches breaking away during severe storms but these storms are never strong enough to damage the roots deep under the ground.

These strong trees need to be extracted from the earth in order for their strength to be taken from them and in only that case do they die.

You may at times think you are not strong enough with roots deep enough to sustain you during trying times but you are. Just when you think that one branch snapping is the end of you will you realize the strength you have within.

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