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You are the Prize

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

You are the prize.

Think it and feel it. You have such value–know it, believe it, you are it!

You must believe this and live it because in order to share love with another person you must radiate love and give it to yourself unconditionally.

Wendy Griffth wrote the book: You are a Prize to be Won

Whether you are Christian or not this video is well worth viewing.

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The Prize

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

When I was a kid I used to walk down to the neighborhood little store and buy treats. One of my favorites was a box of crackerjacks. I especially liked buying this candy because of the prize that I knew was somewhere in that box.

I knew there was a prize and it was coming.

It was the excitement of not having and then suddenly having.

Going to the fair and doing ring toss, darts, and the penny toss are still fun for me.

Getting an expected or unexpected something is gigantic bonus. Who in the world doesn’t need this–especially when the chips are down?

When all in life is going south just one small something is exactly enough.

It doesn’t need to be enormous like winning a lottery.

It doesn’t need to be fancy and expensive like jewelry or a new car.

The best prizes make us feel special and amazed all at the same time. We’re singled out for a moment and that is FANTASTIC!

When my children were small and either they or a neighbor child came to me with a flower–usually a dandelion–it absolutely made my day!

Once at one of my window treatment consults the son of my customer came up and handed me a drawing he’d made for me.

I loved it.

These are prizes–and they are wonderful.

The best is never the most expensive tremendous or stupendous.

It’s not the most mind-blowing and jaw-dropping either.

The best comes from the heart and it’s got soul written all over it.

I hope you have a prize moment today and if not today real soon. One that makes you immediately think–ah-ha! That’s it! Yes!

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Raw Vulnerability

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Most of us fall in love with a person’s persona and spend the next three to five years discovering who that person really is. If you can stay connected through that process of raw vulnerability, I think you have a shot at the prize of ¬†knowing and accepting another human being for who and what they really are after years of highs and lows.

Jennifer Aniston

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