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The Price

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

No ContactWhether you’re getting the price or giving it there is one brief moment where all eyes are focused on that number and there is this palatable pause.

There is a stillness.

There is quiet.

There is focus.

Valuable information is being imparted and for that one brief moment life actually takes a breather.

This moment is about more than the sale. It’s about the pause, the connection with another person.

When we create these moments in life we are taken away from the high-speed chaos we’ve grown accustomed to.

We have this moment where we are not jumping ahead to the next thing because the thing that is in front of us is where our focus lies.

We need more of these moments. In fact we need to be these moments. Just imagine if each conversation we have with another person is one we are totally tuned into. Nothing else is pulling us. Nothing else is distracting us. We are right in tune with this other person in the here and now.

We can do this because we need these connections. We need to feel that our words are valued so much that the person we are in conversation with is giving us their undivided attention.

We need to give others our undivided attention. They will notice the difference. We will notice the difference. Life will change. In fact, the others you know might wonder, they might be curious, they will pause at the very real difference they feel in your presence.

Let’s do it!

Let’s live it!

The price we pay for not listening and not being listened to is HIGH. The reward we all receive for listening and being listened to is immeasurable.

High Price of Low Expectations

Monday, January 4th, 2016

No ContactThe high price of low expectations is the price you pay if you decide not to go for something you want. It is the price you pay if you decide instead to dismiss your want.

It’s the price for thinking…I’ll never make it or it’s just way too much effort. Or, I won’t try because I don’t want to be disappointed.

You don’t get to feel excited about the things that truly excite your being.

You might say, I don’t care about exciting my being or
I don’t care about putting that much effort into anything.

And if that’s what you truly feel then none of this matters.

But what if, deep down you really do care and you just don’t want to admit it?

What if, you really do want to do this one thing or have a particular life experience but feel you would rather not put out the effort because you can’t stand the thought of failing or being rejected?

Which will cost you more in the long run–not putting out any effort at all or going for it with 100% of all you’ve got with no guarantee?

If you knew there was no way you would fail at whatever it is you want, would you still choose not to go for it?

We are alive and therefore we get to live. We can live life with a ton of sand in our shoes that weights us down to the point of immobility or we can gently release the sand and move with lighter surer steps toward self-directed destinations.

It’s up to us.

We can either expect more & gain a richer deeper life experience or expect less and accept what we’ve got.