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Dimming Down

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

No ContactAbout ten years ago I was not feeling real good about the work I was doing. Although the job allowed me to help people I also found it to be heavy–like two tons of brick on my back. I knew that I was going to need to change something because in my very own life I was dimming down. I actually spent time under my desk over the course of the workweek because the weight of the work caused my eyes to close and my body to sink onto the floor underneath my desk to get relief from the heaviness I felt. It would only take about 10 minutes to muster up the determination to go back up to the desk to get the job done but I knew that the life I was living was not exactly energizing.

So I made a change.

Left the job and went into business. Purchased a franchised territory selling window treatments and have been doing this work ever since. Granted this new work I do is without a doubt the hardest I have ever done and there are days when I want to scream—really loud—but I have never once crawled underneath my desk.

Dimming down is not an option in what I do now even though at times and especially when new growing pains emerge that I think to myself–should I or is it possible that I might just want to start dimming down?

I’ve come to the conclusion that dimming down is a way of life. It just is. Because all of us approach life from a different perspective. Some approach life calmly, unassumingly, subtly floating through each day with a very peaceful soothing aura. And those with this approach aren’t necessarily dimming down.
They are likely lighting up–lighting up the path along their journey and people who have the opportunity to know them are blessed to be part of the experience.

There are others who spring through life with boundless energy. They jump over obstacles and overcome setbacks and although discouragement blocks them on occasion they keep moving. These people are not dimming down either. They are lighting up. They are purposeful and admirable. They light paths not only for themselves but encourage others to do the same.

Still others approach life from a very pragmatic perspective. They have ups and they have downs. They jump over hurdles only to find another one. They have some smoothness in their path but they also get blocked by big boulders.They stop and examine the boulders in order to find a way to conquer each one. It’s never about being defeated by the boulder–only about conquering. These people are not dimming down. They are lighting the way for themselves and motivate others who have fallen off their own paths.

So where are you?

Are you dimming down? Living a life that you know is not really right for you and is wearing you out? If that is the case, why are you doing it? What keeps you chained to the weight of the life you are living? Is there some very small change you could make that just might change the path for you? It only needs to be small–not gigantic.

There are circumstances that come up in life–trenches, boulders, ditches, rabbit holes, that keep us immobilized.
Yet even in life battles we still have a choice on the approach we take when it comes to living the way we want to.

We’re either dimming down.

Or lighting up.

No way is right and no way is wrong.

It is always up to you.

Assume Nothing

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Assume nothing when it comes to other people, situations, circumstances involving others, opportunities, business dealings etc.

You simply don’t have enough information to assume that you know everything there is to know when it involves anything or anyone outside yourself.

As a salesperson I have caught myself thinking that I can read my customers and almost to a one I am wrong.

You don’t know the back story about any person before you meet them. You don’t know the series of decisions they made before getting to the point where your paths crossed. You don’t know anything about them yet every day people assume a lot at surface level about others. When you first meet another individual all you’ve got to go on is the physical presence of the person standing before you–a visual.

Would you buy a house without going through the front door and walking around the perimeter?

Would you buy a new car without opening the door, sitting in the driver’s seat, putting the key in the ignition and going for a test drive?

A house and a car are two of the biggest purchases we make and if we do our due diligence we stand a much better chance of making a positive decision than if we don’t.

As a business owner, I conduct new employee interviews. The interviews I wonder most about are the ones I never have. The applicant doesn’t show up and they don’t call to tell me they are not going to show up. I end up wasting valuable and precious productive time on a person who must have assumed something about the outcome, their interest level, or the employer and didn’t want to bother.

In life the only time you can assume anything is when it directly relates to you and even then your decision is based only on your past actions and reactions.

When you assume you just may be missing out–on valuable learning experiences, wonderful people and fantastic opportunities.

On the house–Walking through the door is a must.

On the car–The test drive speaks volumes.

On the interview–You may surprise yourself.

Assume nothing.

No Contact

Least Resistance

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The path of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men, crooked.

Napoleon Hill


No Contact

Path of Least Resistance

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Taking the path of least resistance makes all rivers and most men crooked.

Napoleon Hill