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Battles We Have With Ourselves Because of Our Mistakes

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Our biggest battles are the ones we wage with ourselves.

We become frustrated, depressed, sad, and angry because of mistakes we’ve made

or ways in which we feel we’ve said or done the wrong things.

It’s much easier for us to forgive the actions of others or at the very least understand

the reasoning for what was said or done by someone else.

We downplay our accomplishments and wonder why no matter what we do or say it is

never enough.

We MUST celebrate our accomplishments no matter how small WE think they are.

If we don’t acknowledge the steps we take in life we will not see the value of what we do

and neither will anyone else.

Celebrate for yourself.

Acknowledgement is powerful.

We are here a short time and the more we celebrate

the sweeter the journey.

Stand up for yourself always. Wage battle only when necessary.

If you make a mistake get back up, right away, instead of beating yourself up.

Avoid harshly judging yourself as it will only make you feel worse about the situation.

Be kind to yourself and think of practical ways you can do better next time the situation comes up.

If someone was harmed as a result of your mistake ask for their forgiveness.

Don’t waste time worrying about something you can’t change.

Move forward beginning today.

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Inner Critic Rants

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

A few days ago I flew in to the PDX Airport after a conference I attended.

I went to one of the nearby economy parking lots to find my car. The parking lots are color coded and fortunately I knew the color of the lot but didn’t remember the parking shelter letter.

I was frustrated and tired and just wanted my car!

I had a lot of inner dialogue going on in my mind that evening not the least of which was how stupid I was because I couldn’t find my car!

Fortunately, I remembered the cars general location and with the help of a nice parking lot security driver, was able to find it with relative ease.

I bring this incident up because there really wasn’t any use in badgering myself. It didn’t make the situation better but instead made it more stressful on me.

And what was even harder to deal with was the fact that less than three months ago I’d made a similar mistake. That time I didn’t make a mental note of lot or shelter letter. Fortunately, again, I remembered the general location so was able to pinpoint my cars location.

Taking a positive approach, I vow that next time I will get it right. This isn’t rocket science and I know I can figure out airport parking it’s just that for me, air travel is still a relatively new experience. It was years before I went anywhere in a plane and am still learning the nuances of flying.

Does your inner critic ever beat your up?

Don’t let it!

Calm it down, turn it down, or better yet silence it. When this voice tells you you’re stupid or incompetent or that you’ll never be successful or happy or whatever it tells you, resist the urge to give that voice total power over you.

Pay better attention to the nurturing voice. The one that tells you it’s okay you made a mistake–it doesn’t matter because you’ll do better next time. That voice–the nurturing one, is your friend.