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On Being Liked & What Mom Thinks

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

If you are living your life like the rest of us you probably hope that most of the people you are close to in your life actually like you. Everyone else – you’re not too bothered by whether they like you or not.

The thing you may be more concerned about with casual acquaintances is their approval rating. How do you rank with them in terms of the decisions you make, the way you do your work, etc.

None of us may want to admit it; but walking around in daily life, we look for approval. Maybe not so much that we’ve got to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the things we do are acceptable but more that what we do is in line with what other people would do if they were in our shoes.

I was talking with my mom awhile back and she let me know that she thinksĀ  my life is too fast paced and that I will wear myself out in no time at all.

I would like to say that what she had to say didn’t bother me but the reality is this is mom and what she says makes a difference to me.

So I told her that she’s right, my life is fast paced because I haveĀ  a new business (now with it two years–still new) and have to learn lots of new information and remember what I already know. She’s saying okay, I see, uh huh. But I know she still thinks I’m too busy.

I took note of what she said and will think about things I can do to give me more time to relax.

After all, this is mom talking. She may not like my chosen career (she says she wouldn’t work in sales on a bet) and she may not completely understand why I’m doing it but she respects that I made the decision to do it.

On wanting to be liked–I’d rather be liked than hated but when it gets right down to it, being liked by others is nice but I’d rather be liked by me and those close to me which Mom is among those at the top of that list.

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