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Wearing a Badge

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

No ContactWearing a badge gives us rights. For those in the workforce some people have the right to hand out decisions and deliver mandates and if it weren’t for the work they do would not have the power to do this.

The reality is that one day those who have badges will give them up. Usually giving up the badge is done with grace and willingness knowing it is time to take it off. Other times termination forces people to relinquish the badge.

Once badge wearers are among the general population they lose authority but gain freedom from the responsibility that goes along with wearing a badge.

They themselves may run into resistance when they need help or are trying to help someone else.

If this happens it is tempting to let the people in charge know from where you’ve come as it might help but then again it might not.

For those still wearing badges do so with dignity and honor.

Be kind patient and respectful toward others.

Remember that once you lose your badge there may just come a day when you have to fight like hell to be heard.

Sitting Ducks

Monday, September 7th, 2015

If you’re a sitting duck you might know it

but you might not.

If you don’t know it hopefully someone else out

there is advocating for you or soon will be.

You’re vulnerable, out in the open, and fairly helpless

in your current position.

Sitting ducks need advocates.

Sitting ducks need to pay attention.

Lack of financial support, food, housing, and a support

network can make you a sitting duck.

Being in relationships with unavailable people can do

it to you also.

Please read:

No Contact






A Leader? Who, Me?

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Do you think of a leader as someone other than you? Some of us get into relationships with difficult individuals because we are looking for someone who we think has something we are missing or appears to be someone we are not. We gravitate toward these people and in the process shove ourselves out of our own lives.

Why do we do this? Because it is easier than stepping up to the plate and putting ourselves into the forefront of our own lives. We have the ability and we have the intelligence but what we often choose to believe is that we can’t do it and need someone else to hold us up. We might also believe that only the very charismatic are meant to be strong leaders. And that only the outspoken know what is best. Why do they know what is best? Probably because they have absolutely no problem telling us how much they know and why we should listen to and pay attention to them!

We don’t have to talk our way into leadership. Please follow this link re: The Hobbit: