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When You Think You Blew It

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

If you question a decision you’ve made to the point where you say to yourself–

I messed up

I screwed up

I said the wrong thing

I didn’t say this or that

I just blew it with him or her or them

Oh boy, that’s it, now I’ve done it

Why didn’t I do this, or that etc…

Remember that although you feel there is something you did didn’t do or wished you’d done at the time–

You did the best you could in the moment.

You didn’t intentionally go out of your way to make life difficult for yourself.

It could have been that in the moment you weren’t sure how to respond or what action to take. Maybe you needed more information or more time.

Clarity often comes after an event.

Life is a series of good and not so good decisions. Sometimes we go for a period of time when we choose not to decide.

Think of it as depositing into your life account. The good decisions add to your positive balance. The not so good decisions may take away from the positive balance but they usually don’t deplete it. When we choose not to decide we maintain our account at a steady balance until we are ready.

Give yourself a break and have a nice day.



From a Place of Strength

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

When you come from a place of strength you can get through situations that make you nervous or highly anxious.  Think about how strong and capable you are when faced with fears you can’t run from. Center yourself in your place of strength. It will calm you down and keep you from panicking.

Anxious times drive us away from our midpoint. Push your way back there in order to maintain your distance from the edge.