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Following My Dream Part Two

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Note: Today is the second of a three part post written by Shannon, a life long friend of mine. Her story is one I thought you would want to read about and be inspired by.

We all have dreams and want to follow those dreams wherever they take us but making changes in our lives can be tough especially when getting through daily life can often be a big challenge. I asked Shannon to share her story  so in this three part blog post Shannon talks about her dream and how she went about achieving it.

Following My Dream Part Two

By Shannon H.

When God Closes the Door He Opens a Window

Although I loved my job I could feel that something was changing and not for the better. I felt as though I was being eased out but did not know why.  I started to work harder and harder but the feeling did not ease. Finally after a year of this I was told during my job review that I was not professional enough and that she (my boss) felt I did not really want to be there. This–after starting several new projects, joining a committee and completing a long-term project. What???? After 12 years all of a sudden I was not professional enough? My boss was unable to cite anything that I had done that was unprofessional. It was just a feeling she said she had. I know now that there was office politics involved. I was devastated. It was the worst summer of my life as I tried everything I could think of to hang on to this job that I had loved but knew in my heart I needed to develop a plan “B”. One day during this time I was coming out of a bookstore when a book caught my eye. It was on the miracles of middle age and was on sale for only $3.00. I knew it was a sign and I grabbed it and read it in one night. It spoke to me in a big way. While reading it I remembered that it was possible to get certified to teach English overseas and that there was a program in my hometown.  Wow there was an idea; I could get paid to live overseas.


The next day I went to the language school and enrolled in the TEFL program they had. I arranged to divide the courses in to three terms allowing me to attend in the mornings before work. I would have my certificate in 8 months and would then quit my job. I didn’t tell anyone about my plan as I was still trying to hang on to my job. However it was not to be. Half way into the language program I tried to request medical leave due to stress from the past few months. I had the accumulated time to do it but was let go immediately and told not to come back into the office.


I was devastated but one of my favorite sayings has always been when God closes the door he opens a window. And I truly believe that! I still felt crushed but continued forward and received my certificate for teaching English. The school directly hired me as they also had an English Language Institute. By this point I felt that I had been pushed into a river and had the choice of trying to swim against the current or go with the flow no matter how scared I was. And believe me, I was scared!  But God had made sure that the only direction I could go was forward by ending my job.


I continued to swim with the flow even when immersed in self-doubt. This was a total change of profession for me. What would I do with my house? Where would I get a job having no experience? I knew that the job for me at the institute was only another steppingstone. It did not give me enough teaching hours or pay.

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No Contact 

Ending Violence Against Women & Children

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Anxiety After a Breakup–The Restless Mind Syndrome

Friday, November 19th, 2010


In The No Contact book I take some time talking about anxiety or what I’ve come to see as the restless mind syndrome.

There is this heightened sense of awareness in terms of relationships in general and the fact that you’re not in one.

Anxiety sets in and along with it, the feeling of the sinking gut–where your insides are in pain and there is a hollowness that doesn’t seem to go away during your waking hours.

If  your relationship has ended, you were most likely feeling anxious before the final breakup actually took place. There is usually an unsettled feeling before the end.

The anxious feeling you feel near the end or at the end can torpedo you into a place where impulse rules. You may do and say things that if you weren’t in a state of high anxiety would likely think twice about.

If you’re feeling an uneasiness inside your relationship follow these guidelines:

1.  If you feel worry or high anxiety coming on during a conversation with your partner end the conversation. Say something like…”you know, we can talk about this later but right now I’ve got to get some things done.

2.  Go do something that will take your mind off the conversation. Whatever you find relaxing, or if you’ve genuinely got some things you need to get done pour your focus into getting those things done. Don’t discuss the previous conversation with anyone. Just get busy with something.

3.  When you’ve calmed down wait for your partner to call. Don’t make the call, wait and continue the conversation only if you feel in control of yourself, your words, and your actions.

When you can get control over your emotions you can take control of your life.

Think about your past relationship and the times you felt anxious. What did you do? How did you respond to anxious situations?

Anxiety can potentially damage and destroy relationships. Take control of your emotions and your life.

If you’re faced with the end of a relationship it is a difficult place to be but your life is about more than that relationship.

Instead of allowing your emotions to run wild when you’re anxious remember that you have the power to control them.