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Partner Dynamics that Could Spell Trouble

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

This isn’t an all inclusive list of traits associated with partners but it gives an example of the dynamic that can play out in these relationships:

Partner #1                                       Partner #2

Overpowers                                     Accommodates

Forces will on others                       Builds others up, encourages, supportive

Self-serving                                      Selfless

Fast Talkers                                     Good Listeners

Charismatic                                      Passive, Unsure

Take Charge                                    Defer to Others

Shows Confidence                           Self-Conscious

Opportunistic                                   Altruistic

Rule Breaker                                    Rule Enforcer

Emotionally Flat                               Emotionally Expressive

Anti-Social                                       Sociable

Emotionally Unavailable                  Available

Not much hope for success in a relationship with these two partners. Always wise to pay attention to partner traits early on and address them. Allowing the dynamic to continue is a recipe for misery.

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