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Is it That Urgent?

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

As I drove down the road the other day my cell phone was buzzing at me with a sense of urgency. I thought, wow, this could be important, maybe a customer, I might lose a sale, I’ve got to check!!

Then I thought wait just a minute…here I am driving down this road. Back in 1982 I’d just keep driving oblivious to who or what situation might be waiting for me at the other end of my home phone.

Why is it different now?

Probably because I’ve got the darn thing with me and it’s hard to resist that buzz or ding when it sounds.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve checked too many texts while driving but it didn’t hit me as to how ridiculous this really was until I took a taxi ride Kona, Hawaii.

From the get go the driver was taking and making calls during my ride. From my back seat perspective I was downright freaked out because it seemed as if his eyes were merely flashing on the road between answering and making calls. I thought oh man, this is my last day here…From the gist of his conversations it sounded as if he was talking to another driver and this particular driver didn’t show up to his next ride fast enough. My driver was upset about it first speaking in English then switching to his native tongue to give him or her a good chewing out.

I thought is your conversation so important that it’s worth me and you dying for??

I swore if I made it to the airport I would never text and drive again ever! The thing is you just never know what’s coming up or down the road and eyes focused on a phone for even a split second is too long.

So the other day when I heard that buzz I caught myself reaching for it but then I thought NO, DON’T DO IT! There is nothing worth taking my attention off the road. The next sale or the one after that or the next one after that can wait.

If the sale can’t wait the customer will find another seller. Just like if a ride can’t wait for one taxi it will get another one. That’s just the way it is. I’d rather miss a few opportunities in the short run than be dead.

No Contact


What Was This Dream Trying to Tell Me?

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I know I had a good sleep last night because I was rested enough to be ending a dream as I woke this morning. The dream however was unsettling.

I was at a stop sign trying to enter a busy highway in a car that was unfamiliar to  me. I was attempting to make a left turn though not completely sure that left was the right way to go. I kept thinking maybe I should I go right so I don’t have to cross two lanes of traffic but decided to stick with the left turn so stayed put.

The seconds that ticked by were now turning into minutes. I sensed tension coming from the motorists behind me.

Just when it looked safe to go in one direction there was a speeding car coming from the other. I decided to turn right after all but as I started to shift into reverse I remembered I was in a different car and peered down at the gear stick. Sure enough, reverse was located between drive 1 and 2, weird I thought.

I continued to wait to go left because the line of cars behind me was getting longer and also didn’t want to take a chance that there would somehow be a malfunction as I shifted into reverse.

After what seemed like an eternity there was an opening and I decided to take it.  Just as I accelerated  a semi was coming from the left.

I woke up.

So what was that about? Why this dream on this morning?

Can’t be sure but I think it had something to do with fear. Fear as I attempt to take a step forward out of my comfort zone. Fear that somehow I’m not ready to venture out, that it would be better to stay where I’m safe, secure, grounded.

Maybe this dream is proof that I’m not ready and should wait before I take a leap. I did after all wake because a semi was coming as I was making a left turn.

I’ll let you know.

I’m waiting on a dream interpretation.

A Car Story

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

My 18 year old son has been having car troubles.

His car, a 1990 Honda, hasn’t run on it’s own for about a month and has run inconsistently over the past three months even though he has consulted with his uncle, dad, friends, auto shops, online, and by manual in order to diagnose the problem. He’s also replaced various parts none of which have apparently been the cause of the car not running.

When luck is on his side,  the car has started up and for a few precious days has provided much needed transportation. Then, unfortunately it stops running usually at inopportune times like five minutes before a  scheduled work shift.

I told him I thought it was time to take it into a shop.

He told me he wanted to figure it out–that he wanted to do it his way.

I had reservations thinking to myself that this was going to end up costing more in money and time, but I backed off.

He continued to enlist the help of his automotive know how car team yet despite strong effort and new parts, the car is still out of commission.

There was one of those lucky days a week ago or so when it actually started up so my son thought his problems were over. That’s the curious thing about this car problem. The Honda has it’s moments when everything appears to be fine. Unfortunately these moments of bliss are short lived.  As it ended up this last time, the car stalled while my son was out doing some errands. Fortunately, the stall occurred when he pulled into a gas station.  Thankfully the wonderful gas station manager allowed him to keep his car at the station where it remained for nearly a week until late last night when he was able to tow it back home. He is so grateful to this station manager that he says he will now have a new place to fill his tank. (more…)