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Start When You’re Ready

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

I once met a woman who told me she loves karaoke. I mean she loves it! When I met her she was nearing 80 so I figured she’d been doing karaoke for many years but she told me she didn’t step foot into a bar and try her hand at karaoke until she was 75!

She said she really didn’t feel at all comfortable going earlier in life so waited until she did. I asked her what it took to finally feel comfortable and she told me that at 75 she no longer cared what other people thought of her. She said it took her awhile to finally build up enough nerve to go but once she did she never looked back. Her children told me they often go with her because they love watching her have so much fun. She says that sometimes she gets up and sings but often she just watches and loves every minute.

Thinking of her reminds me of the stress I’ve put myself under to do a certain thing–in a hurry. Not that waiting as long as she did is necessarily the best way to go BUT sometimes waiting isn’t all bad either.

Maybe when a person is ready, they’ll know it and feel more comfortable taking the next step—whatever that next step might be. Of course the first step is always the hardest and chances are if we’re prone to waiting before taking an action we’ve most likely replayed the first step in our mind many times before finally taking the plunge.

So whatever it is you’re contemplating whether it be a new relationship, career change, vacation, art lessons, etc., don’t feel you need to rush it. Maybe taking a little more time is just what you need.

With or Without Time

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Most of us battle time. It depends on where you are in your life that dictates whether you have too much or not enough. If you decide that you don’t have enough find a way use the precious free minutes you have to do something you WANT to do and do it. Play your music, read the article, make the salad, take the walk, ride the bike, go to the beach, watch the sunset, write the paragraph, ask the question, call the friend, smell the flowers, sleep.

If on the other hand you have too much time, what can you do to make a difference in your life or someone else’s? It doesn’t take much effort. Stretch your boundaries just a little. Think about something you’ve always said you’d like to do but haven’t yet. What pops up? It’s all out there. Expand.