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Anchored In Your Truth

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

When you’re anchored in your truth you feel it.

There’s no need to beg for accountability from others because what someone else does or doesn’t do has nothing to do with you.

When we beg for accountability from another person we’re not anchored in our truth. We are living from the outside in rather than the inside out meaning that we are only okay as long as outside forces are behaving in ways we have grown to expect.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t expect others to be accountable for their actions. Yet if our truth and our life being okay hinge solely on what others do and don’t do and who others are or aren’t we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

When we’re anchored in our truth other people can do or say or be who and what they want to be. We will not fall apart because it isn’t what we want them to do or be. We can encourage and if asked, give our opinion but other people get to live their lives without us passing judgement on them.

We don’t need to be around people who do not match who we are–that is always our choice to make.

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Welcome to Ending Destructive Relationships!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

So here I am ten months after writing my first blog post welcoming readers to my site. Definitely could have done this sooner but the reason I didn’t isn’t because I’m a procrastinator. It has more to do with not knowing whether or not I’d make it past the first few weeks of blogging…

In the beginning, each time I put up a new blog post was a major benchmark for me. Kind of like baby’s first smile, first tooth, first step–that type of thing except in a matter of weeks. I was nervous about blogging and really didn’t expect to make it past the first weeks primarily because I thought I’d run out of content–specifically, interesting, useful, and helpful content.

You see, this site is here because I am passionate about the topic. I feel that the quality of the lives we lead is dependent on our relationships–first and foremost the ones we have with ourselves. If we’ve don’t like or are regularly annoyed with who we are it stands to reason that our relationships will be in jeopardy since the quality of the relationships we have with other people depends on whether or not we like us.

For many years, I didn’t understand what I was doing in terms of my relationships with others.  I was a heavy approval junkie believing that all the good and bad that came into my life hinged on how well I maintained the relationships I had. I let other people off the hook right and left. It didn’t matter how they treated me–I just figured I was defective in some way which led them to say the things they said or take the actions they took.

Over time as the fog lifted I learned to be wiser about my choices by stepping up and holding myself accountable for decisions I made which first and foremost included the company I chose to keep. There is nothing magical about living a good life and forming good relationships but there are some things that definitely help which include:  Being true to self,  having goals, paying attention, holding yourself accountable for decisions, developing your spiritual side whatever that might be, and being enjoying life on a regular basis.

So after ten months, I’m still blogging, learning a heck of a lot, enjoying it, and don’t anticipate stopping any time soon. To those who regularly visit this site–I sincerely thank you! I hope there has been a helpful blog post, link, daily tip, or reader comment that has been of help to you. If not, hopefully in the future, that will change. If you have comments, thoughts, opinions and or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your time and hope you come back again soon.

Get Organized

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Getting organized will help you focus on what you want to accomplish. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish–sit down and make a list. Making a list hits home the value of being organized.