Egocentric People Destroy Relationships

Selfishness, self-centeredness, egotism, narcissism, call it what you want when a person feels the world revolves around their wants and needs. Being in a relationship with one of them makes for an unemotional existence.  One thing you can always count on is that your needs and wants don’t count.

Egocentrics drain you dry and to survive you’ve got to pull away emotionally and physically. People who stay in a relationship with this type of person for financial and family reasons pay a very high price in the lack of emotional fulfillment.

The narcissist believes that the world must revolve around them. They are frustrated, angry, and irrational when they don’t get what they want. For their partner who desires a meaningful relationship, it feels like being on an empty battlefield. You know you’re in the fight of your life but your words go unheard, your feelings unnoticed. You’ll likely wonder,  “why am I here”?

It is vital for your future health and happiness that you recognize a selfish egotist early on in a new relationship. These people are usually quite charming initially so look beneath this facade when seeking a lasting relationship.

They will take center stage, demand constant attention, and when their needs aren’t met make sure you know that it is your responsibility to see that they are.

Egocentric people like to discredit others in order to make themselves appear better. Be aware of this because what they do with others they will also do with you when the situation warrants it.

They brag, claim to be smarter, braver, more capable, and wiser than others. They are secretly envious of other people but project that others are envious of them. They envy others who have qualities they lack but will diminish those qualities in order to feel superior.

They expect to be catered to and admired on an ongoing basis. If you challenge this you will lose any good standard you had previously set with them and they will in turn discredit you to anyone who will listen. They will tell you over and over and over how important they are and if you buy into this you will eventually realize how unimportant you are. You won’t have to guess about whether they are deserving of whatever it is they want–they will let you know just how special and entitled they are.

Where it gets tricky, is that at times, these people actually say and do things  which seem genuine. At these times, you might do an about face, thinking you have them all wrong. Unfortunately their moments of humanitarianism  are brief, can be a little too put on, and are inconsistent. Follow your instincts. Brief moments of sincerity are more often than not crafted to confuse you.

Egocentrics are emotionally draining. They don’t have any interest in honestly communicating. They will intimidate, lie, accuse, and rewrite history, but won’t change their position and effectively communicate.

It is not likely that the egotist will change because their mission is to win. They are not motivated to seek understanding and connect on a deep level with others.  They are disconnected emotionally and are often very lonely even when surrounded by people.

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