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Dimming Down

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

No ContactAbout ten years ago I was not feeling real good about the work I was doing. Although the job allowed me to help people I also found it to be heavy–like two tons of brick on my back. I knew that I was going to need to change something because in my very own life I was dimming down. I actually spent time under my desk over the course of the workweek because the weight of the work caused my eyes to close and my body to sink onto the floor underneath my desk to get relief from the heaviness I felt. It would only take about 10 minutes to muster up the determination to go back up to the desk to get the job done but I knew that the life I was living was not exactly energizing.

So I made a change.

Left the job and went into business. Purchased a franchised territory selling window treatments and have been doing this work ever since. Granted this new work I do is without a doubt the hardest I have ever done and there are days when I want to scream—really loud—but I have never once crawled underneath my desk.

Dimming down is not an option in what I do now even though at times and especially when new growing pains emerge that I think to myself–should I or is it possible that I might just want to start dimming down?

I’ve come to the conclusion that dimming down is a way of life. It just is. Because all of us approach life from a different perspective. Some approach life calmly, unassumingly, subtly floating through each day with a very peaceful soothing aura. And those with this approach aren’t necessarily dimming down.
They are likely lighting up–lighting up the path along their journey and people who have the opportunity to know them are blessed to be part of the experience.

There are others who spring through life with boundless energy. They jump over obstacles and overcome setbacks and although discouragement blocks them on occasion they keep moving. These people are not dimming down either. They are lighting up. They are purposeful and admirable. They light paths not only for themselves but encourage others to do the same.

Still others approach life from a very pragmatic perspective. They have ups and they have downs. They jump over hurdles only to find another one. They have some smoothness in their path but they also get blocked by big boulders.They stop and examine the boulders in order to find a way to conquer each one. It’s never about being defeated by the boulder–only about conquering. These people are not dimming down. They are lighting the way for themselves and motivate others who have fallen off their own paths.

So where are you?

Are you dimming down? Living a life that you know is not really right for you and is wearing you out? If that is the case, why are you doing it? What keeps you chained to the weight of the life you are living? Is there some very small change you could make that just might change the path for you? It only needs to be small–not gigantic.

There are circumstances that come up in life–trenches, boulders, ditches, rabbit holes, that keep us immobilized.
Yet even in life battles we still have a choice on the approach we take when it comes to living the way we want to.

We’re either dimming down.

Or lighting up.

No way is right and no way is wrong.

It is always up to you.

Locked Up or Locked Out?

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

No Contact Warning, if you are offended by talk of breastfeeding you may want to move past the first few paragraphs.

Have you ever been locked up or locked out?

The other day I had a window treatment consultation with a customer who is a lactation consultant and it got it me to thinking of the experience I’d had with my last son who nursed for an extended period of time.
For the most part it was a great breastfeeding experience but there was a point when I got a breast infection which was a truly painful experience.

There was not much I could do to relieve the pain–my son’s nursing provided some relief but it wasn’t enough and I was miserable. I felt locked up. I didn’t have the right key to break the stronghold the infection had on me and the only way to get long lasting relief was to take an antibiotic. Once I got on the medication I found relief and ceased the locked up feeling I’d had.

Being locked up in the case of a breast infection is painful but there are other ways we get locked up or locked out, for instance:

Have you ever had a case of the nerves to the point where your words are locked up? I mean you may get some croaking verbalization to come out but it is truly difficult and silence is a better alternative. I had this happen once in an interview situation and no amount of water or deep breathing brought relief. I somehow croaked my way through but it was rough….

Have you ever been locked out of your car house or apartment? Locked out of your place of business or unable to open a combination lock?

Last week I couldn’t get my garage door to open. I entered the code, no luck, nothing. The back gate lock wouldn’t budge due to very cold conditions and swelling of the wood. I couldn’t get the front door to open because the deadbolt has a mind of it’s own and at that particular time no amount of leaning in or pulling out to get it to open would work.

Then out of the blue, the garage door opened on it’s own–must have been a radio frequency issue–but I was finally able to get inside.

Being closed out is tough and when it happens it affects us mightily. We can be locked out of jobs, promotions, all sorts of opportunities because there is something we need and don’t have or some intangible that we are missing. In the case of an entry to a house, vehicle, gate, etc we can get the right key or code and then relief is ours.

In the case of a job, promotion, or desired opportunity, being locked out could last awhile.

If it’s possible to get what we need like a license, certification, award, etc. we know what we need to do.

But it may be that this one thing we need to unlock our locked out conditions may not come to us.

Alexander Graham Bell said it best:

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.”

Feeling locked up whether it be breastfeeding, your words, incarceration, or another way, relief comes through a process–whatever that may be…

If you are locked out, move forward, find a way to appreciate the door standing in front of you that is open.

Given the Key

Friday, January 13th, 2017

I would wager that billions of dollars are spent each year to get key information to finally get us over the hump and bring us the things we desire to reach our goals and/or bring us prosperity. However, when given the key information we want what is said to us is never ever as significant as what we do!

The true reward comes in our journey.

No Contact

Assume Nothing

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Assume nothing when it comes to other people, situations, circumstances involving others, opportunities, business dealings etc.

You simply don’t have enough information to assume that you know everything there is to know when it involves anything or anyone outside yourself.

As a salesperson I have caught myself thinking that I can read my customers and almost to a one I am wrong.

You don’t know the back story about any person before you meet them. You don’t know the series of decisions they made before getting to the point where your paths crossed. You don’t know anything about them yet every day people assume a lot at surface level about others. When you first meet another individual all you’ve got to go on is the physical presence of the person standing before you–a visual.

Would you buy a house without going through the front door and walking around the perimeter?

Would you buy a new car without opening the door, sitting in the driver’s seat, putting the key in the ignition and going for a test drive?

A house and a car are two of the biggest purchases we make and if we do our due diligence we stand a much better chance of making a positive decision than if we don’t.

As a business owner, I conduct new employee interviews. The interviews I wonder most about are the ones I never have. The applicant doesn’t show up and they don’t call to tell me they are not going to show up. I end up wasting valuable and precious productive time on a person who must have assumed something about the outcome, their interest level, or the employer and didn’t want to bother.

In life the only time you can assume anything is when it directly relates to you and even then your decision is based only on your past actions and reactions.

When you assume you just may be missing out–on valuable learning experiences, wonderful people and fantastic opportunities.

On the house–Walking through the door is a must.

On the car–The test drive speaks volumes.

On the interview–You may surprise yourself.

Assume nothing.

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The Ladder to Success

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

No ContactIf you climb the ladder to success climbing means exposing yourself to rusty nails and faulty rungs that are crooked and need of repair.

It means sitting down at times when you procrastinate taking one more step.

It may take more than a few attempts to make it to the top.

Is it worth it?

Only you can be the judge of that but this I can say:

Life without a hard fought climb will not be as invigorating, stimulating, or inspirational.

The climb will get you up each morning with more zest and put zip in your life.

Whether your goal is relational, spiritual, or in the business realm you will feel growth that leads you to new endeavors you might not have thought possible.

Money Can Get in The Way of a Good Opportunity

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

As a business owner and employer I’ve learned a few things about the hold that money has on people.

I’ve learned that good money isn’t necessarily synonymous with a good opportunity.

In fact money may keep you locked in golden handcuffs preventing you from a great opportunity.

I’ve learned that for many people the joy of learning is dependent on the amount of money that’s in it.

If the money isn’t enough; the learning becomes less than joyful.

If the money isn’t enough more people will leave a good opportunity for a lesser opportunity just because they can make more money quicker.

Many people will choose misery in a job they hate if the money payoff is high enough.

The amount of money a person makes has more to do with how they feel about themselves than just about anything else.

A person may say that money isn’t everything but when it comes right down to it for many–it’s pretty darn close.

It takes guts to walk away from money.

It takes guts to walk toward opportunity.

It takes guts to walk toward opportunity when the payoff is unknown.

It takes guts to love what you do even though the initial payoff is low.

Peace of mind comes to those who love what they do for the pure joy of it despite the money they get for the work they do.

It takes maturity to know that the more you do something you love the less desire there is to find work that provides a better payoff.

Some of the happiest people I’ve ever met are the ones who have chosen to live with less in the way of things while being bountiful in the way of joy.

It takes wisdom to understand that opportunity trumps money every single time.

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When You Can’t Find Help

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

When you can’t find help keep searching as you just haven’t found the solution

Don’t give up!

There is a plan of action out there that will help you.

Be persistent. It takes time–lots of time to pull together plans, moves, actions and solutions in order to
modify what you’re currently doing.

Sometimes we spend so much time seeking out what we feel is the only solution that we miss good alternatives.

Sometimes we give up too soon because we lose patience with the course we’re on. We think if it were going to work it would have done so by now.

I’ve been at a convention this week with fellow window treatment business owners. I am amazed by stories of resilence. People who have stayed the course even through an economic downtown when as far as the eye could see the future looked bleak.

They found help & solutions through trial and error and things worked out.

Being flexible when seeking help especially when you believe options are limited can turn the tide.

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A Foot In the Door

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Getting a foot in the door is one thing.

Keeping a foot inside that door is something else entirely.

How do you do it?

Delicately and keeping your effort going in a

positive direction.

Take each step respectfully.

It’s not the time to beat the door down and plow forward but rather to ask for a first step one more and then…another.

The idea is to prevent the door from closing so the conversation can continue.

No Contact

If you feel like your ship is sinking…

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

If you feel like your ship is sinking,
it might be a good time to throw out the No Contact
stuff that’s been weighting it down. Let
go of the people who bring you down, and
surround yourself with those who bring
out the best in you. Unknown

You Can Do Anything

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

You can do anything you put your mind to once you decide

what it is you really want to do.

Finding what you really want  is the hard part only because

it seems that the possibilities are endless.

Life is more complicated because our world is more accessible

than it used to be.

We don’t need to settle but because of that we have a hard time

settling down.

If you’re overwhelmed when thinking, you’re thinking too hard.

Back up.

Start with the basics.

Think about your life and where you find pure enjoyment.

When thinking of a career path write down one hundred possibilities then whittle it down to one.

Cross out, erase, pay attention to what you immediately say no to when given two


Create a yes and no pile.

It’s never about what others think is best–ever.

Be realistic but be true to you.

It’s your journey and your life.

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