Penny L. Haider is a survivor of domestic abuse and grateful to have had the opportunity to change her life.  She is a strong advocate for women, wanting to help others move forward in their lives by leaving destructive relationships behind.

Penny is a licensed teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Community Service and Public Affairs from the University of Oregon.

A Word from the Author:

Hi and thanks for visiting my site!  I am so happy you’ve come here and hope you find useful and helpful information–that is my aim. Please let me know what you think!  My goal is to provide valuable content to readers who visit. If there is content you like I would appreciate  you letting me know. If there is content you’d like to see but don’t, I want to know that too.  I’m absolutely passionate about helping others who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. I spent years not really understanding who I was or how I fit into my own life. I lacked self-confidence and didn’t believe in my ability to create a healthy life for myself. Consequently, I became involved in unhealthy relationships first and questioned my choices later.

I attached myself to men with strong personalities whom I believed knew more than I did. These men appeared to be very much in control of their lives and as it turned out, I gave them control of my life as well.

It took me a long time to fully grasp the concept of being an independent thinker. I feared seeing myself as a separate person and instead focused on seeking approval from partners by doing what was necessary to stay in those relationships.  After the end of a twenty year marriage and another three year relationship I decided to stop doing what didn’t work and figure out what did.

I learned that I was capable of making good decisions but needed practice. I also learned that in order to have good relationships with others I needed to take time to have a great relationship with myself first. Getting to know and accept me was absolutely necessary if I wanted a quality life. It’s a learning process and I am so glad to be on this journey.  I wish you the very best in your journey and hope this site is of assistance to you.